Call from The Mountain

Dear fellow disciples,

Welcome to the website of the Living Discipleship Initiative.  Our goal is to spread the messages from the Hierarchy contained in Call from The Mountain.  (If by chance you arrived at this site without having read the Call, you will find a link in the listing of PDF files below.)  Having worked with these messages over time, and having been galvanized by the energies streaming through them, we know from personal experience their power to ignite an electric response to the call to discipleship service.

Our Purpose
We hope that this site will extend the reach of the Ashram’s appeal to disciples to become a ‘living link’ in the Great Chain of Being.  The messages summon us to cooperate with the Plan for externalization by fulfilling our role as mediators between two kingdoms, stating that:

“It is crucial to remember that the externalizing process requires a pathway of descent that must be built, in part, by human minds. Essential links in the chain of hierarchy must be sufficiently strong to enable the Brotherhood of Light to visibly enter the world of human affairs.”
(Message 27)

Who We Are
We are a group of students of the Ageless Wisdom who came together initially in an earnest inquiry into the obstacles to communications between disciples and the Brotherhood of Light.  As described in the Prologue to Call from The Mountain, our efforts evoked the Messages from Kanchenjunga (transmitted through an amanuensis in the group).  Soon thereafter, while reflecting on these messages as a group, a second transmission emerged:  Instructions on Group Discipleship.  (See the listing below.)

The participants in this work have chosen to remain anonymous for the time being to keep the focus on the messages themselves rather than the personalities involved.  As stated in Message 41:

 ”Each message contains a seed of illumination
sent forth to become a spark of recognition.”

We trust that joint reflection on these messages will nurture the seed of truth and further reveal the hidden meaning of each one.

We Invite Your Participation
At present, the Call and the Instructions are making their way around the world as kindred spirits pass them forward to others.  We invite you to do the same.  Thus far, they have been received by people in many different countries on four continents—most recently Bolivia and Finland.  We hope that these transmissions are stimulating new sparks of recognition as well as group dialogues and, possibly, new discipleship groups.

Several groups and organizations with websites have asked if they could post links to these materials and writers are using excerpts from them in their work.  We encourage their use in all appropriate places as they are intended to empower disciples to boldly play our part in this ‘Time of the Forerunner.’

Please Note:
An Italian translation of Call from The Mountain is now available.
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If you have other ideas for circulating these transmissions, would like to share your response to them, or if you would like to contact us for any reason, pleases write to:

In loving spiritual companionship,
The Living Discipleship Initiative


    Call from The Mountain
   Instructions on Group Discipleship
    Call from The Mountain – Text of K Messages Only

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